Shakuhachi Resources

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Shakuhachi Websites

The International Shakuhachi Society: A large website with information on shakuhachi schools, honkyoku, teachers, players, and more.

Jon Kypros: My teacher, Jon Kypros' website, with a great deal of information on the shakuhachi including history, schools, and more.

Senryu Shakuhachi: The website of Justin Senryu Williams, a shakuhachi player and teacher of many different schools, with comprehensive information on the shakuhachi, schools, history, and more.

Myoan Shakuhachi: The website/blog of Dean Seicho Del Bene, a friend of mine and Myoan shakuhachi teacher. His blog is full of interesting posts and great images.

John Singer: The website of John Singer, a professional shakuhachi player, including articles and interesting information.

Mujitsu Shakuhachi Forum: A shakuhachi discussion forum that isn't very active, but does have lots of great posts still visable.

EU Shakuhachi Forum: An EU shakuhachi forum, also not very active but with plenty of older posts.

Shakuhachi Makers

Jon Kypros: Shakuhachi made by Jon Kypros.

Ikegami Jinashi Shakuhachi: Traditional jinashi shakuhachi made by Kenji Ikegami. Beautiful shakuhachi with amazing tone.

Mujitsu: The website of shakuhachi maker Ken LaCosse. I purchased a shakuhachi from Ken and highly recommend them. In addition to shakuhachi, you can also purchase beautiful and well made shakuhachi bags on his site here.

Kitahara Seikado: The website (in Japanese) of the highly regarded Kitahara family of shakuhashi makers, located in Kyoto, Japan.

Yung Flutes: The website of Perry Yung, a shakuhashi maker and performer.

Senshu Shakuhachi: Modern jiari shakuhachi made by Yukihiko Mitsuka.

Tai Hei Shakuhachi: The website of flute maker Monty Levenson, which includes many articles and guides.

Shakuhachi Teachers

Jon Kypros: Jon Kypros offers lessons worldwide via Skype, starting in Seien Ryu and progressing to other schools.

Dean Seicho Del Bene: Dean Seicho Del Bene offers Skype lessons and lessons in person about Suizen and Taizan-ryu honkyoku from Chicago.

Justin Senryu Williams: Justin Senryu Williams offers both Skype lessons and lessons in person in the UK.

Yodo Kurahashi: The website of Kyoto, Japan based shakuhachi player and teacher, Yodo Kurahashi.