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Louisiana Swamp Photos

I was born and raised in New Orleans and still live there part time. I've been exploring the swamps around New Orleans since I was a kid, starting in a canoe and on foot where possible, and now mostly in a kayak. The swamps are one of my favorite places. A magical place, full of wildlife, that goes back to the days of the dinosaurs.

In years past many of my swamp trips were closer to New Orleans, around Jean Lafitte National Preserve, Bayou Segnette, and Honey Island Swamp. While most of the Louisiana swamps are fortunately devoid of swamp tours, and I typically never see another person when out, those closest to New Orleans get annoyingly many. The motor boats aren't so bad, but the airboats are so incredibly loud and disruptive that I now prefer to avoid anything near the city. All of the tours I've seen feed alligators, which is also a bad idea for a number of reasons. I love to see other people enjoying the beauty of the swamps, and I do recommend visiting, but if you're reading this and considering a visit or tour, please do not go on an airboat tour. The tour participants are given protective earphones to block the noise, but the animals and other visitors aren't so lucky!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the swamps. Click on each image to see more images in that category:

Swamp Landscape Swamp Birds
Swamp Plants and Flowers Alligators
Snakes and Turtles Other Swamp Creatures